Virtual Families 2 Careers Strategy Guide

In the game, a very useful tool for you is the details screen where you can monitor your virtual family. You may even change their name here.

Here, you may be able to see their salaries and keep track of the progress of their careers. With eight career levels, the master is the highest. Reaching that stage will not allow further progress anymore for your characters but they could still continue working.

In the red bar, you will determine how close your character is towards a promotion. As your character progresses, promotions get harder to obtain. More money can be had with promotions but you can speed up the process by using the money cheats for Virtual Families 2. They may be expensive but the progress will surely be faster, like twice or thrice the current rate.

Here are some tips you need to consider:

  1. If you think that the parents are slow in making progress, that’s okay as they would continue to work even after you have signed out of the game. Usually, you will see that your characters have been promoted in the morning once you have opened the game.
  2. There are magazines in the store which could boost the career of your character. For each type of profession, a respective magazine could help. If you are lucky enough while your character is still starting with his or her career, these magazines could be worth your expenses.
  3. Sometimes, your character may not complete his or her assigned work cycle. You may see them shake their heads and say no as a cloud of smoke appears. Do not worry since another cycle could be started. Pick them up and place them in their work area. As your character reaches higher levels, this instance would lessen.
  4. Before buying a career room for the first time, you might want to make sure that the parents are over 55 first. Preferably, know the line of work of the child who will inherit the house so he or she could make the most out of it.

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