5 Tips on Getting Rid of Those Pesky Ants in Virtual Families 2

Are you tired of all those ants running around your place? Here are some suggestions from avid players of Virtual Families 2 on how you could get rid of those ants.

  1. First, you may have to make cinnamon. To do this, have an adult go to the table in your workshop that is closest to the door. The table should have the items needed and your character would know what to do.
  2. Upon finishing making the cinnamon, you will see a yellow item in the garbage. Have an adult pick it up and he would be able to create an ant spray. The adult will then spray this and when fog comes out, have nobody stomp on the ants for the process not to be disrupted. In the end, you will be able to achieve the Ant Terminator goal and will even get a hundred coins.
  3. Some say that turning on the water in the kitchen can make the ants go away.
  4. Minimizing the game for a few minutes could give some time for the ants to be gone.
  5. Make sure that the kids are out of home when you are spraying the cinnamon spray.

These are basically what you need to remember to get rid of those ants. The steps are pretty simple and you surely won’t have a hard time getting rid of those ants. For some, the process don’t work out fine but all you have to do is follow these instructions and your troubles with ants will surely be gone.

Another super easy way to control pest in game is to simply renovate the room or rooms that are festered with pests. Using the money cheat to get unlimited coins to just buy your way out of being bothered by pesky ants is the preferred method by many.

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