6 Expert Tips on getting More Money

Are you and avid fan of Virtual Families 2? For sure, you have always wondered how to get more money, right? Don’t worry, we have compiled a few tips on how to achieve this. The easiest way to obtain more coins would be to use the Virtual Families 2 money cheats that was just made available in 2016.

  1. Upon opening the game, don’t enter the playing mode yet. Go to your settings, change the date as far as it could go, then play the game for some time. Afterwards, go back to your settings and revert to the original date. You will notice that your characters have aged and the house will be messy. This way, you have more chances of getting money.
  2. Pick up your character and take them to their work space. Praise them afterwards and do this as many times as you can. Next, hit on your home screen, and change the time to 3-4 hours ahead. You may also want to switch the year as far as possible. Enter the once more and you will hear money being poured in your bank account. You may encounter your screen freezing up but all you have to do is to restart your phone.
  3. Try picking up the rubbish like socks, wrappers, and weeds.
  4. Coins may be equated to the job of the mom and dad in your game so be sure that they have high paying jobs to support the family.
  5. Avoid spending real cash just to get money. There are actually hacks that you could always use so do yourself a favor and do not spend real cash.
  6. Find a hack that could produce coins for you. Be careful though as there might be hacks that could not be legitimate and might just take advantage of your account. Do your research before using a hack and try asking others for tips that have already worked.

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