What To Do When Someone in Your Family is Weak

If you are the type who went growing up on virtual pet games like the Tamagotchi, there’s a huge chance that you’ll like Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House. Somehow, this game is like a Tamagotchi for adults. Instead of having a virtual pet, you get to look after an entire family. Even when you are not playing the game, the family would continue to thrive, grow, and age.

But then of course, like in the real world, it is impossible for a family member not to get sick. In this game, once one of your family member gets weak, you should know what to do. For some players, they’ve seen their family get weak and they can’t seem to do anything to make them happy even after trying everything. Having full rest doesn’t make them gain energy as well. What could be the problem here?

There are different ways to resolve this. Clicking on the information about your family member will show “Upgrade me”. Clicking on it could stop the family member from being depressed. It should be enough to make them happy. To make them strong, feed them and let them sleep. In time, they will get better. Try not to force them to do anything as of the moment. Do not make them have children as it would make them even weaker. Refrain from praising them too as they may not like it.

If you don’t have enough money, consider using the Virtual Families 2 cheats for more coins. Feeding them with organic food could also work. Feed them fruits such as bananas and mangoes. Try giving them multivitamins as well as an antibacterial hand gel which you could buy at the flea market. Then again, don’t force them to do anything since it could make them weaker and eventually, they would die.

Try to raise money by buying cash or making the other family members work. If everything fails, try seeking the advice of a doctor. For some, seeking the doctor’s advice doesn’t work. Some people suggests to just ride it out and hope that your family member gets well.

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